Buying used panties- My current order queue September 2018

The summer heat, my very special used panty offers and a few features in various online magazines and publications have been driving you all wild for my used panties. I have received a large number of order in recent weeks which I am loving.

This has meant a very full diary of orders which means if you place an order I do have a slightly longer queue time than in previous times. I typically am saying there is about a 10 day wait for my used panties (I usually advise 5-7 days). Therefore if you are wanting to receive panties ASAP please contact me regarding my queue time BEFORE you place an order. As stated in my terms and conditions I do not offer refunds for people who have placed an order but do not want to wait in my panty queue.

Although having to wait for an order is frustrating I do see my queue and feel buyers should see my queue as a good sign. I am an established pantyseller of 5 years with an excellent reputation. As a result I do receive a number of orders each week because I have built up a reputation and a following of loyal panty buyers. It also means I attract a lot of those nervous about buying for the first time because I have such a trusted reputation.

It means I actually have returning orders showing my quality and trustworthy reputation. It also shows that I am wearing orders when I say I am, unlike some sellers who have come out in the media saying they send out 20 pairs of panties per week. You can only wear so many pairs of panties per week which is why I publicly have stated in many media articles it is not possible to make £50,000+ a year from selling used panties like some have claimed to.

I am also due to go on holiday between 18th and 28th September. I will not be scheduling any used panty orders in my diary between this time. However I will be offering some holiday used panties for one lucky panty lover therefore please look out for my next blog post. Therefore as a result I will have a slightly longer queue time for the foreseeable future. I typically expect this to be around 10-14 days until around mid-October when I get back on top of orders.

If you are wanting to place an order but are concerned about how long my current queue is please email me to check.

Or if you do not want to wait in a queue you can order “express panties” which will be worn for 3 hours and sent out within 3 days of making your order.

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