How to be successful selling your used panties online- Part 2 – Taking Photos

I mentioned in my previous how to be successful selling used panties online blog that it as easy as some online articles make out, nor are you likely to make £50,000 a year doing so. But what plays a massive part in the success of selling used panties is taking photos. Basically photos of you wearing panties!

This sounds simple enough but something that I know many people new to pantyselling and something I neglected to consider as a newbie pantyseller in 2013 that this is something a lot more time consuming than it sounds!

So why do you need to take so many photos?

There are hundreds of ladies online selling used panties therefore to stand out, not only do you need to market your panties you need to market yourself and convince your potential panty buyers why they should buy from you. Panty buyers are very visual therefore it is essential you take photos of yourself actually wearing your used panties. I would advise against just posting adverts that show the pairs of panties you have available just on the floor or on your bed. Buyers want to know they are buying from a real person.

Now I am more established and have a Twitter following which sits at over 15K followers my pantystore does not have a photo of me in EVERY pair of panties I own, purely because it is not logistically possible to do so as I have over 100 pairs of panties listed. I post a photo of the panties only. Purely because if a potential buyer wants to see how I look I can refer them to my Twitter page (with over 1000 photos and videos). And then when they buy from me they get 5 free custom photos of me wearing their panties, so they will see EXACTLY what I look like wearing that particular pair of panties. I feel I am at a point in my pantyselling career where my social media, my blogs and other profiles offer enough reviews, videos, photos and reassurance that I am indeed real.

But when I started out I did take a photo wearing every pair of panties , and I think this helps building a positive reputation and helps to encourage used panty buyers to buy from new sellers.

You do not need more than a mobile phone to take these photos. But you need to ensure that the photos you use are of an image quality as high as possible, taken in good lighting conditions and from the best possible angles. This means lots of experimenting until you get what works for you right, which of course takes time.

Not only do you need to take good quality photos of yourself and wearing various styles and designs of panties, you need to edit and then upload them to various channels.


If you want to remain discrete whilst panty selling, editing out your face or other distinguishing features such as tattoos is advisable. This is not to say that you need to airbrush EVERY photo or every blemish. You want to strike a balance between presenting yourself the best you possibly can and protecting your identity with not making yourself look fake by over editing photos.

Used panty buyers want to see real women and not just airbrushed models. In fact those overly perfected photos can be perceived as fake which could put off many potential buyers. For a large majority of used panty buyers, knowing they are buying from the girl next door is a lot hotter of a fantasy than buying from what they perceive to be an airbrushed model. This means every shape and size can sell their used panties. Some buyers love young students, some love MILF’s, others love more curvy figures, where others prefer slimmer figures. Find your market and show off you.


I will come onto this in a little more detail in future blog posts but once you have taken photos you need to post them online to advertise yourself. Social media (respecting content guidelines) , panty selling platforms and fetish forums all help with attracting buyers. But again this takes time and effort, which is why pantyselling isn’t always a quick easy way of making money.

I hope that this is helpful for those looking to find out more about selling used panties online or those new to pantyselling.

Look out for more helpful tips, advice and insights on my blog soon. Please sign up to my blog if you enjoy reading

****Please note this blog post has been republished from 15th May 2018****

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