Creating creamy used panties- my magic wand

As part of my “standard” 24 hour price for used panties, I include masturbated in. So as you can imagine I do find myself daily having LOTS of fun with myself, often up to three times per day. As you can imagine doing the same thing daily could get a little boring, however I have a drawer full of toys to give me plenty of choice to “play” with myself.

I must admit I do love to use my fingers but there is one particular toy that I could not be without. MY MAGIC WAND; and yes it is really magical! There is no toy that comes close to giving me quite the orgasm that this does.

For those of you that do not know a “magic wand” is also known as a “Magic wand massager” and although you can use it for other body parts to “relieve tension” , as a woman there is one area it has explosive effects when you massage. It has a wide head like a bulb so rather than insert like a traditional vibrator you use the head to vibrate against your clit and outside of your sensitive regions. You can get these toys as a battery powered version or the high powered mains (plug in) version.

Previously I had been gifted from a lovely fan a battery powered version. Which was great although it still made me question what the raving reviews I had read claimed as “explosive orgasms”.

Then I purchased and tried the mains powered magic wand. And it was quite clear how different these two toys are. The mains powered magic wand quite possibly is the strongest vibration I have felt against myself ever, and I have tried pretty much every “high powered” toy. Even on half power I pretty much am screaming in pleasure and just how much this toy vibrates and stimulates my clit.

I have many different techniques with my mains powered wand but I can make myself orgasm in between 30-45 seconds it really is that amazing.

If you would like to see me in action using this toy, visit my Clips4sale store and view the video of me in action.

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