Metro featured – “Women who sell their used underwear” - Misssmithxxx

Regular readers of my blog will know that I have written a number of articles about selling used panties as a way to make money fast. I have concluded it is not as easy as some articles may lead you to believe. However Jess from Metro newspaper got in contact with me recently and I featured in the article

“We spoke to women who sell their used underwear to see if it’s as lucrative as it seems”

After reading previous articles that have featured in other UK newspapers, I will admit I was sceptical to take part at first. My other concern was that the information I gave to Jess would have been twisted in some way to make it a sensationalist story, or that the figures I gave were taken totally out of context.

However I am so pleased to say that this was not the case at all. When the article draft came through to me I was thrilled with what Jess had produced and written. Without doubt the article in the Metro newspaper is the most accurate and realistic account of what it is like to sell used underwear. It also does not poke fun at the fetish, or make it seem somewhat disgusting like some other articles have done in the past.

For me, the point that sex work is work is really important. It reinforces what I have said in many blogs that selling used panties takes hard work. As the article outlines “that you’ll need great photography skills, a flair for writing, and a knack for customer service” . Realism and a mutual respect between buyer and seller is also covered which just underpins the service I offer and the ethos as a Pantytrust member.

My service is discrete and all the conversations I have with individual buyers are confidential. Therefore I have not discussed any of my particular orders or customers with Jess or will do when speaking to the media when they approach me. I generalise my experience and never go into detail about specifics which would identify anyone. As I mentioned above confidentiality and mutual respect is key to the service that I offer.

If after reading the Metro article you would like to buy some used panties please visit my store and take a look at what I have on offer.

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