Selling Used Panties on Instagram

In previous posts I have explained that social media profiles are essential in being successful for selling used panties. Twitter has always been and will remain my personal favourite when it comes to selling used panties. However recently I have given Instagram another try after finding my profile deleted a few years ago for posting something a little too risque. Since rejoining, I have been able to make a few new buyers. But more interestingly I have found a whole new little used panties community and feel Instagram is a great way to showcase yourself and your photos on a social media platform which looks a lot more coordinated and user friendly than Twitter.

Instagram is fast moving like Twitter, however as it is more photo based I feel it is a lot more user friendly to show off your images unlike Twitter which is more conversation based. Blink and you may miss a photo posted on Twitter. But because of the pretty Instagram squares on your profile, even if one of your followers does miss one of your posts it is very easy to see these again once they click on your profile.

Posting videos and photos on Instagram just feels so much easier and for me as a pantyseller I find it really enjoyable to take clips and photos of myself wearing a pair of panties and then upload to Instagram. I feel through photos and videos with very little text it actually shows off my personality and my likes. And for buyers and followers, viewing photos is so much easier than scrolling through lots of text.

Plus I love updating my story and often post little snaps of what I am getting up to each day. Great if buyers want to see me wearing their order on a particular day or find out what I am up to.

Although there are some drawback of using Instagram. Because of the strict guidelines it is very easy to become banned. I think with my first Instagram profile, I posted a photo a little too close up to my crotch (covered in underwear) and I received no warning, my profile was simply deleted. With my new profile I am very careful to follow the community guidelines to the dot and then if in doubt I use some carefully placed stickers to hide anything a little too risque. Whereas with Twitter anything goes, so for real filth you will have to stick to my Twitter profile.

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