Summer used panties- An even sweeter scent

I have mentioned the S word in a few of my used panties themed blogs over the last few weeks, however this last week summer really has hit us. It has been a scorcher and a trend I have noticed in this last week is a massive rise in the amount of positive feedback from used panty buyers about the scent and appearance of my used panties. It would appear that summer makes my scent sweeter and my worn underwear wetter!

As an established pantyseller with a large loyal customer base I do receive a lot of positive feedback. And I must be doing something right if you guys keep returning. However without exception this last week every pair of panties that I have sent out and worn the buyer has sent me an email to say how amazing the panties are. Both complimenting the scent of my panties and the appearance and dampness.

“They smell so sweet and tasty” , “Your scent just keeps getting better and better” is only just some of the comments that I have had.

As a bit of inside information. I do when I remove a pair of panties that I have been wearing for a customer, give them a quality inspection. Both checking the scent and appearance. I have noticed with my own personal scent it is a lot sweeter this last week which must be down to the warmer temperatures. This scent is not sweaty and is actually less sharp and more sweet on the 24 hour worn pairs.

Naturally I am finding with the 24+ wear pairs of panties that the scent of the panties is suitably stronger than in the winter months. Therefore if you do like strong scented panties I would advise to order over the next few weeks.

I am drinking over 2.5 litres of water now the weather is warmer, and I must be staying suitably hydrated as my panties are wetter than ever. I’m producing even more of my lovely juices on your panties. Therefore the hot weather and the fact I’m keeping hydrating is having a very positive effect.

To order a pair of summer used panties please visit my panty store to order.

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