Used Panty Special offer – 2 days for £25

I have mentioned that you guys are going crazy for the scent of my used panties currently. I have had a lot of feedback that the summer is making my scent sweeter. So to give you guys a real treat with my summer scent I am going to be running a special offer on longer wear used panties.

I will be offering 2 day worn used panties for £25 rather than £30. A saving of £5 per pair which I am sure you will agree is a generous discount to you longer wear lovers.

This special offer will run for 1 week only. This will be from Wednesday 4th July to midnight on Wednesday 11th July. All orders must be made and PAID for before midnight on 11th July for this special offer price to apply.

Orders with this special offer applied can be booked in my diary from my next available date up until 30th September 2018, which means you can book a few months in advance. You can also purchase more than one pair of used panties under this special offer code. A great way to grab a bargain on 2 day worn panties if you are a regular used panty buyer.

The weather over the next few weeks is meant to stay warm and sunny. I have mentioned that the warmer temperatures have been making my panties a lot sweeter but also a lot stronger scented. So this deal will really help my panty buyers make the most of that, and get a great deal on a strong scented pair of my worn underwear. You will really be able to appreciate my sweet scent.

To use my discount on 48 hour worn used panties please place an order on my panty store and use code JULY48 in the promo code box at the checkout. Or if you are placing the order via email mention the code in your email.

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