How to buy really smelly used panties

“Can I buy your dirty panties?” or “I want really smelly used panties” is a request I get asked for a lot as a pantyseller. With this sort of request for a stronger smelling used panty I always recommend to go for longer wear of at least 2 days or more. With my standard 24 hour worn panties you can certainly smell my sweet scent. However if I am going to set the expectation down to anyone who has never bought used panties before or wants a strong smell I’m going to be clear. YOU DO NOT GET THIS STRONG SMELL FROM ONLY 24 HOURS WORTH OF WEAR.

I have discussed this in depth with my fellow pantysellers on Pantytrust and although all of our scents differ we all agree that really smelly panties do not come from only wearing for 24 hours. It really does take longer for a pair of panties to get them quite smelly aroma.

For me this comes from around 2 days wear. The scent goes from sweet and natural to a stronger scent which material dependent this can then be categorised as smelly. If you read my nylon used panties blog. It goes into depth why nylon panties give the strongest scent. But obviously with longer wear of over 2 days this strong scent just intensifies and really does satisfy the need for “really smell panties”.

The analogy I tend to use for panties is a little bit like gym vest.

When you wear the first time to workout in, the vest becomes scented with a fresh workout sweat smell. Same as panties you get my natural intimate smell.

If you wear your dirty gym vest for a second day and workout the smell of that vest is different to day one. The sweat is less fresh and you find you smell a lot more because the sweat bacteria and the air mixed together and worn again produces a “dirty type smell”. This the same for panties that intimate smell gains a more “smelly” or “dirty” type scent on the second or more day of wear.

Which is why I say if you would like “smelly used panties”, you really have to choose two or more days to meet these expectations

If you would like to order stronger smelling panties. Please go to my panty store and click for 2 or days wear on your selected pair of panties.

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