Foot Fetish Videos- Why I enjoy them

Before I got into selling my used panties, I did not really have much experience of many fetishes, especially foot fetish. Naively I pretty much just thought it was about the scent of feet. However five years on, selling many foot fetish related items, taking part in many foot fetish role plays and producing over 100 foot fetish clips I realise it can be anything about feet.

Selling my used socks and tights I have realised there are three types of foot fetish customers.

The ones who like the actual smell and their fetish is about the scent.

The ones who are more turned on by my actual feet and it’s the visual of feet that does it for them.

The ones who are into both just as much.

There are variations to these rules and to some degree everyone within these categories are very different. But using this type of guideline has really helped me when I am sending out there items and I know what types of photos to take with their order.

These categories and understanding the desires that come with them have really helped me with making foot fetish clips and have inspired so many ideas related to creating the best possible videos.

In all honesty of all the videos I have made, the foot fetish videos have become the most enjoyable as the scope to be creative is massive.

Of all the videos I have made I have a handful that I really have enjoyed. When it comes to making videos and clips I do not prepare a script. I tend to just have a basic idea of how long I want the video to be and what I want to do in it. And then I just turn the camera on and shoot. Thinking on my feet (literally) and just going with what I feel like saying feels so natural and is fun.

The videos where I have been very forceful and dominating, giving very harsh foot worship instructions and talking about scent and scent fetishes really bring out this cruel, dominating side to me.

The videos where I get my feet messy also are the ones I like to just turn the camera on and go with as I always laugh and this just captures my natural laughter and giggles. I have had great feedback that these are so realistic, because they are.

To watch my foot fetish clips you can see over 100 on my clips4sale store

Or you can find out more about my foot fetish items by reading my dedicated blog post

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