How to be successful selling used panties – Part 4- Being Reliable

My other blogs in the “being successful selling used panties” series have covered that selling use panties and being a pantyseller is not as easy as some articles make out. My other blogs have covered how to promote yourself and how to take photos but one of the greatest factors in your success selling your used panties is how reliable you are. To cut it short, you have to deliver what you say you will, when you say you will

Trust is a major factor for buyers when they are buying from pantysellers. As a fetish online business, many buyers are very nervous about how discrete the service is but also about getting ripped off. Unfortunately there are many women (and men) who take advantage of this fetish and either don’t send anything, or send something well below standard or not what a customer ordered. For a customer it is very difficult to complain in the same way they would about any other online service, due to the embarrassment factor. Plus this transaction is based entirely on trust. Savvy sellers do not use Paypal (because it is against the terms) therefore for a buyer there is no protection on what they are buying. Which is why you need to send what you say you will.

As a pantyseller you may find customers are very nervous to buy from you as a new seller or if you are an established pantyseller and they are a new customer, they may be reluctant to buy. Building a reputation as a trustworthy seller is paramount to being successful and attracting new and repeat customers. This can be done through joining sites like Pantytrust, who verify sellers and only promote genuine sellers, plus allow customers to leave reviews. For any pantyseller, building up positive customer reviews either on social media or used panty selling platforms is a way to gain trust.

So what makes a pantyseller reliable?

Basically delivering what you have agreed with a customer, when you said you will. It really is that simple.

If a customer asks for 2 days wear with their used panties, you wear for 2 days and post out when you agree to.

What about when things do not go to plan?

Most used panty buyers are very reasonable and understand that changes can happen and circumstances can change. However honesty in these cases are massively important. Be as proactive as you can and buyers appreciate this.

For example if you are poorly or can’t send out the panties when you initially agreed, get in touch with your buyer, do not keep them waiting. If you send out the wrong pair of panties then tell the buyer ASAP.

Coming to a compromise and offering an alternative is more than enough for most used panty buyers. They are buyer from real people after all, and understand life can be unpredictable.

There are cases when expectations of a customer are not met. For example a customer may not feel that the scent is strong enough. But if you have worn for the time agreed then this must be explained. It is a case of politely managing customer expectations. For customers buying used panties I have produced a guide specifically regarding scent, variations in scent and how to choose a pair of used panties

So to summarise if you want to keep selling your used panties, you really do have to wear them for the agreed time. And unlike the many articles suggest online, it really is not possible to replicate female scents or send out 20 pairs per week.

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