Buying Used Panties.. the real Miss Smith and more about me- part 5

It has been a while since my last “getting to know me” blog have received a lot of positive feedback and hits, especially the X- rated one.

So I thoughts I would give part 5 a go, although a less X rated one this time.

1) Laurel or Yanny?

Ha ha this has driven me mad. I’m one of those annoying people who have heard both depending on when they have listened. On a morning I have heard Yanny and on an evening I can only hear Laurel.

2) What was your favourite subject when you were at school?

You would expect I would say PE, but at school I hated it and avoided all exercise. I was actually a real nerd and I loved Geography! Although when I did my PGCE (teaching qualification) neither of these were the subjects I opted to teach.

3) Last 3 things you bought for yourself?

Bagels (I eat at least on per day), a pack of 5 thongs (panties of course) and a new Bluetooth speaker. So quite a variety but nothing particularly exciting!

4) Last Film You Watched?

I watched San Andreas with The Rock on Saturday night (the Rock is my guilty pleasure, I say I don’t like him but I love his films!). I do like a bit of an action adventure easy to follow storyline sometimes!

5) Most used emoji?

The laugher face, closely following by the fist! It would seem I am either very happy or the other end of the scale in my texts!

6)Tea or coffee?

Always coffee. I drink far too much of it. Although I try and drink tea after 3.30pm so I get a decent nights sleep

7) Favourite Pizza Topping?

I’m going to be judged when I say this but pizza isn’t one of my favourite things. I do like a slice every now and then and I love Chorizo or Pepperoni. As you would expect I love a bit of meat!!

8) Worst First World Problem?

It has to be putting bedding onto a duvet after coming home late. I can’t stand doing it at the best of times, but when tired there really is nothing worse

9) Most embarrassing moment?

When an old lady burst down the door when I was providing a urine sample at the GP’s surgery years ago. The only toilet is a disabled toilet just off the main waiting room. I locked the door and I could hear someone trying to get in so I shouted it was occupied. Next thing I know she manages to should barge her way through the door, the lock breaks off and there I am peeing everywhere!! And she had the cheek to look at me in disgust!!

10) What panties do you have on today?

I have a used panties order on for a customer so a pretty bright blue cotton thong today

I will probably answer some more questions like this in my blog in the coming months. If you have a question please email me

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