Stinky Socks , Tights and Foot Fetish…

The summer months have seen a massive rise in the number of enquiries and sales I am getting for foot fetish related items; especially stinky socks and tights. I love offering these items and the warmer weather is making my feet super smelly; just what you guys love. However like with panties I always advise to go for multiple days wear if smelly is your thing.

My prices on my site include 24 hour wear, which I can wear to the gym meaning my feet do sweat. However the really smelly sour odour all you foot fetish lovers crave seem to crave comes after 2-3 days wear. Additional days wear is an extra +£10 per days wear but for those of you with a true fetish for smelly feet I would say this really is worth paying for as the scent is so much stronger than 24 hours wear.

For those with a real fetish for the smelliest of feet, although my feet sweat a lot in tights, cotton gym socks after 3-5 days wear are the best for the strongest of aromas. The cotton just soaks up the scent and they really do make you gag the smell is so strong with this amount of wear.

I do not just offer tights and socks on my website. The warmer weather also means I change to wearing no socks with shoes when not wearing an order so I have plenty of smelly shoes to offer on my site too. You can find my very trashed ballet pumps on my site. These are very popular so do not hang around on the site often, and the strongest smelling footwear is a pair of my trashed gym trainers which really do stink.

If feet are your thing, please visit my trashed footwear and smelly socks page to order.

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