How to be successful selling used panties – Part 3

From my previous blog posts it can very clearly be concluded that selling used panties online is not as easy as it first sounds. Especially when you are starting out.

There are so many different aspects to consider one of those being promotion. There are specialist panty selling platforms you can set up on which I have mentioned in other blog posts but to get started social media is a great free way to set up promoting yourself, or indeed finding ladies to buy used panties from.


I have a blog post dedicated to selling on Twitter, but ultimately in my experience Twitter is the best social media for selling used panties on. You will find a massive community of pantysellers, used panty buyers, used panties promoters and generally other fetish communities on Twitter and happy to promote your content.

You can actually get a lot of sales from Twitter alone and this is how many of my fans and loyal buyers have found me.


Selling used panties on Facebook is possible and I have found on Facebook there are some public and private groups set up. The main drawbacks of using Facebook are the guidelines of what you can and can’t post are very strict. Too much bum cheek, boobs and generally photos that are too close up will result in the photo being removed, you receiving warnings with the potential for your profile being removed from the platform entirely.

Facebook although there are groups for selling used panties I have found has the largest number of timewasters in one place so you do have to be prepared to weed your way through the time wasters in order to focus on your genuine buyers which can be frustrating. Similarly for panty buyers , there are a high concentration of scammers pretending to sell used panties on Facebook.


Instagram has VERY strict rules on what you can and can’t post and without warning you can have your profile removed. Unlike Facebook who will send you a warning Instagram will ban you instantly. Therefore when posting on Instagram I would always recommend posting suggestive , yet more reserved photos and video clips to ensure you stick within the community guidelines. Anything too sexual will lead to your profile being removed very quickly as I have found out from my own experience.

I hope that this has been another helpful piece of information for those looking to find out more about selling used panties online or those new to pantyselling. Look out for more helpful tips, advice and insights on my blog soon.

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