Buying used panties anonymously- not giving out your home address

"I don’t want to give out my address when buying used panties is something I have heard regularly from those with a panty fetish."

Either potential used panty buyers are unable to get deliveries to their home address because of their living arrangement. Or some buyers are a little nervous about giving out their home address to strangers on the internet. Especially when buying something considered a bit of a taboo.

However you can still receive used panties without having to give out your home address.

How can I remain anonymous and buy used panties?

1) You can do so by getting your parcel delivered to a Collect Plus store rather than your home address. This option on my website is aptly named “Collect Plus Discrete Delivery”

2) I will contact you to arrange your collection store

3) You simply select a store near you to pick up from, via the collect plus store finder

4) I create a collection label and post your item. You will receive an email notification from Collect Plus to let you know the item is in transit

When your item is ready to pick up you will receive an email notification to do so

5) You have 7 days to pick up your parcel from your chosen store

You receive your used panties

What details do you need?

The only real details I need is a name which will match your ID . This does not have to be your full name title and surname is fine or even initial and title. So Mr John Smith could just be Mr Smith or J Smith.

90% of Collect Plus stores do not even ask for ID when picking up your items.

However some do follow procedure and may ask which is why I advise against giving out a false name. Although in theory you could do if you were happy to take the risk.

Visit my panty store and select the COLLECT PLUS DISCRETE DELIVERY METHOD. When asked for your address on the order form you can give the address of your pick up store for both the payment address and the delivery address.

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