Getting to know Pantyseller Misssmithxxx- X-rated! - Part 4

The previous three getting to know me blogs have been a massive hit. I have had so much positive feedback from my blog readers. After a little conversation with a few fans I have decided that part 4 of this blog is going to be a rude one!

1) What is your favourite sexual position?

Pardon the pun but I always find this one a hard one!! But if pushed I would say on top, I love being in control and I can always cum in this position!

2) What is your favourite sex toy?

As much as I love my Doxy wand and say it is a firm favourite, you cannot beat a classic rabbit vibrator. It can hit the spot in less than one minute and unlike the Doxy it does not require close proximity to the plug socket so it really is a convenient and more spontaneous choice.

3) How old were you when you first had sex?

I was 16. And the first time was a bit awkward. But I made sure through practice that the next few times were less awkward and with lots of reading the likes of Glamour and Cosmopolitan magazines as a teenager I broadened my mind and got lots of ideas to try new things!

4)What is your ultimate turn on in a partner?

I really like someone who can make me laugh which is a bit of a cliché. But if we are going to talk about physical attributes I am very particular about someone with nice shoulders and arms for males. As much as I appreciate hard work in the gym and the dedication to build BIG ripped arms and shoulders, I like more of an athletic, broad defined look. Probably not the obvious answer but one of my quirks.

Females it really depends, but a hot body and pretty face always works for me!

5) What is your biggest turn off in a partner?

This really is an obvious one but poor personal hygiene. As someone who runs long distance and goes to the gym sweat is part and parcel of this and sweatiness doesn’t bother me. It is old sweat that really bothers me. When people have not showered or put clean clothes on and your can smell stale sweat or dirt. You can tell the difference between people who are wearing fresh sweaty gym clothes and those that have put old dirty clothes on or sweaty old gym clothes on.

6)Where has been your favourite place you have had sex?

On an outdoor table at a Villa in Cyprus. It was early evening, and secluded enough to get completely naked without fearing I would be charged with indecency but still the element that someone may see . It was warm, the sex was good and the table was just at the right height to make it a pleasurable experience without too many bruises or stretching to get in the right position. Although I have had sex in water/ on the beach the idea is more exciting than the reality which always involves the awkward clean- up of sand, being soaked.

7)What has been your best sexual experience?

Without a doubt my best experience was my first threesome whilst I was at uni. I had never had full sex with another woman so not only did I have so much fun choosing between sleeping with a man and a woman, I had my first full on lesbian experience and loved it. It totally helped the other girl was a very experienced bi-sexual who gave the best oral I have encountered. And the guy who joined us was very easy on the eye and very forthcoming with giving out pleasure to us both so it was a mind-blowing experience. I don’t think any threesome since or experience with another male or female has ever lived up to that night!

8) What has been your worst sexual experience?

After many discussions with friends and their experiences I am pretty lucky that I have not had many. I did as an 18 year old get to the crucial moment with someone only too realise that said other person had such bad personal hygiene I was not going there.

But the one that stands out is whilst at uni whilst getting down to it I noticed that the guy I was with suddenly had fallen asleep. Luckily I was getting my clothes on and making my exit when he turned over, threw up all over the space in the bed next to him and went back to sleep. I was very thankful I had made such a quick exit!!

9) What type of porn do you like watching?

As a used panty seller and webcam model I come across a lot of porn. I pretty much scroll through porn on my newsfeed every time I go onto my Twitter account. (such a hardship I know!!) . I’m quite into group sex , scenarios and cum shots.

But I also really like lesbian stuff. Less of the fake and more natural sensual stuff. This video is pretty hot.

10) If you had £100 to spend on panties and lingerie what would you buy

It absolutely would be a really sexy black bodysuit. I have some beautiful ones that I wear on cam however because I take them on and off quite a lot they get damaged very easily. This is why I never spend more than £20 on the bodysuits I own, but I have seen some gorgeous bodysuits for £100. Although if I was wearing them for a partner they might have to be careful even if I do look really good in it!!

I will be back answering more questions about me soon. I have a list of less rude questions to answer for my next blog. If you have a question please email me

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