A Special Offer on Used Panties by Misssmithxxx

It has been a while since I ran any special offers, especially a one which included a discount on multiple pairs of used panties. Therefore I am going to change that and I will be offering a 2 pairs for £35 special offer until 24th June. My usual price is £20 per pair of panties therefore for those of you who want to buy more than two pairs of my panties this is a great saving for you. Use code SUMMERPAIR

This discount will apply to all of my full price range in my panty store. There are over 70 pairs of panties, thongs and Brazilian style knickers on the site currently therefore the choice is massive. I have even added another 15 pairs of knickers and thongs onto the site this week. This includes some really pretty bright coloured summery designs and some really pretty cotton pairs.

You do not need to receive both pairs of these panties at the same time either. You can choose to receive your used panties as two separate deliveries as part of this deal (providing you opt for the included Royal Mail first class delivery, Collect Plus store pick up is +£5 per delivery) . My diary for this offer will be opened up until the end of August to book in these orders. You can also add on extras to the panties.

The only requirement of this deal is that you order and pay for your order on or before 24th June.

However for those of you who subscribe to my site already I’m going to offer a little extra on top of this deal. All of my site subscribers will receive an email on Friday 11th May which will give you an exclusive subscriber code to use when ordering. This will give an additional discount on top of the 2 pairs for £35 offer. Therefore for those of you reading this blog who are not already signed up to my site. Go to my home page and sign up to the subscriber newsletter before 11th May to get hold of this code.

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