Why do people buy used panties and worn underwear?

There is such a taboo surrounding used underwear and dirty panties. And for those who don’t buy or sell used panties it can be a little weird. However after five years of being a panty seller I can confirm that A LOT more men that you probably think buy used panties and there are A LOT more women from all walks of life selling used panties.

There are so many reasons for a panty fetish and men buying used underwear, from getting their sexual fantasies fulfilled, the scent, using the panties to masturbate with or even just the scent. But for women selling their used underwear it is not just a financial transaction to raise cash when money it is tight. You find students selling their underwear, business professionals like myself who find it a turn on, and even mums who want to feel sexy and admired again. Over the last five years, selling my used underwear really has helped me understand and never generalise what a panty fetish is.

Scent Fetish

For a large majority of those with a panty fetish, the scent side of the fetish is a massive turn on for them. It is the smell of a woman that gets them excited and for them buying a pair of used panties gives them this experience.

A large number but not all customers in these situations, are between relationships. Therefore used underwear gives the scent experience of being so close to a woman without all that goes with a relationship. A number of my own customers often say they have gone through a breakup and don’t want a relationship but do miss the intimate female scent. Or I do have a lot of busy professionals who simply do not have time for these types of relationships and used panties satisfy their needs for a scent of a woman intimately.

For those in relationships, the scent aspect may be just something that really turns them on. Smelling a different woman which is why many of those with a panty fetish like to buy from a number of different pantysellers. The smell of a woman is very specific and individual and for a lot of men this is the turn n. This is not limited to just simple wear. This could be by adding on pee, extra days wear, or even ass scented. Something that within the relationship they may not be comfortable asking for, or is something their partner is not willing to engage in.

Masturbation and Wear

For some guys with a panty fetish they may even wear the used panties themselves. Some of these customers may have gone into a store to buy pairs for themselves (or borrowed pairs from wives and girlfriends) whereas other guys may prefer to be wearing a pair that they know have been worn by a woman they desire. The feel of the material against their skin and genitals is a real turn on or for some it is the taboo of them wearing women’s underwear which really gets them going.

The customers who tell me they are cross dressers, actually enjoy the scent of a woman on the used panties for another reason. When they are wearing them they enjoy the panties to “smell of a female” and for many it can help them to feel more feminine. I have had customers in these situations ask me for my natural scent but a number ask for my scent plus perfume.

Then for others they may not wear the used panties in the traditional way, but they do use them as a masturbation aid. Satin and cotton panties in particular feel good against the skin and are popular for this . Many of my customers with this type of panty fetish tell me they love to finish off by ejaculating into the crotch of my panties.

For some with a panty fetish it is not about wearing the panties at all, it is literally just the actual underwear itself which gets them excited. I have two customers in particular who just love women’s underwear and everything about it. The fetish for them is about the style, the material and appreciating just how the underwear is worn (by myself) the look of it. Just owning certain pairs and having them in their collection is the attraction.

Sexual Fantasy

Just owning a pair of panties worn by a woman they admire is what does it for a lot of guys with a panty fetish. They may be married, in a relationship or single. It is simply the taboo of the underwear has been worn.

Some customers do not need a lot of interaction through the process of the panties being worn, others may like to know and have a connection with the seller. It is a step on from the Japanese used panty machines. Many of the guys buying used panties like the openness and the fact they can disclose their fetish with an open minded pantyseller. And hear what the seller has been doing whilst wearing their used panties

This can help build a lot of confidence in many with a panty fetish and they enjoy the communication surround the fetish just as much as they enjoy the actual used underwear.

In honesty there are so many reasons men buy used panties and even men who have similar reasons never have the same demands or needs. As a pantyseller I am very open to this, and for the majority of pantysellers they understand this too. I’m sure that for those that buy used panties they will appreciate the motivations of pantysellers vary so much too.

The only common ground I do find is that the majority of buyers are very guarded about their fetish and embarrassed. Discretion is key to what I do from payment to postage. However for those that have said they feel “a bit of a weirdo” because of their fetish all I can say is you absolutely are not- there are millions of people into this, it’s just not something you can talk about over dinner (well depending the company you keep!).

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