Happy Birthday Misssmithxxx

Today is my birthday and firstly I would just like to dedicate a blog post to say thank you to all of my panty lovers, used panty buyers or even those who follow me on Twitter and have wished me a happy birthday. I feel very grateful for all of the birthday wishes.

A very special thank you to those that have bought me gifts from my amazon / delivery code wishlist or sent money via bank transfer to get myself a gift. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this and I am really looking forward to going shopping later in the week. Because I am such a lingerie addict I am sure I will treat myself to some new panties. It is in my pantyseller nature that I have to visit the underwear section of the store on any shopping trip. However I do really need a new jacket therefore I hope to be spending my birthday money on getting myself a new jacket.

You really are so kind and the last thing I expect is gifts. However for those of you who that have asked or are serving me and want to send a birthday tribute you can see my delivery code and amazon wishlists here

Delivery code wishlist

Amazon uk wishlist

Or if you would just like to send some money so I can get a drink you can do via bank transfer to the following details . I never say no to a gin or glass of wine!!

Sort code : 77-20-52 acc number 12059068 Acc name: L Smith Bank: Lloyds

My birthday plans this year are pretty tame. I have been out for a meal locally with friends and had a few drinks but nothing crazy. I do hope to get away somewhere in the UK next weekend over bank holiday therefore my celebrations may be a little less tame!!

As it is my birthday and I am feeling generous I am going to offer a £5 discount on all used panties from 29th April – 6th May. This will not be broadcast on Twitter but if you use the code HAPPYBIRTHDAY at the checkout or in an email you will have £5 deducted from your used panties order.

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