How to be successful selling your used panties online- Part 1

Selling used panties is a quick way of making lots of money fast. Or so it would seem if you do a quick google search and find the many articles stating this. I’ve seen articles claiming there are women selling their used underwear for £100 a pair or making £50,000 a year from used panties. As an experienced UK pantyseller of 5 years I can say these articles are massive exaggerations and from my experienced and simple maths makes me conclude the £50,000 figure is likely to be fictitious.

Selling your used panties does generate income, a good one for some but it is not easy money as some articles lead you to believe. You really do need to put a great deal of effort in, especially initially to post good quality adverts, take lots of photos, join online communities and actually make sure you deliver a great service.

I’m going to get down to the figures straight away. Is it possible to sell your used panties for £100 a pair and make £50,000 a year?

Technically yes you can sell your panties for £100. I have many times for 1 pair received this figure. But you can’t expect this is the norm and for £100 this is not just 24 hours wear. At this price your buyer is very likely to want many days wear, and lots of little extras (such as worn to the gym masturbate in etc). The general market price in the UK for a pair of used panties worn for 24 hours is £15-£25. There is nothing stopping you pricing yours higher than this and at the £100 a pair figure but I can guarantee you limit your market and it’s very unlikely you will get lots of sales as panty buyers will just go elsewhere.

Are you going to make £50,000 a year?

From selling just your used panties no. Go back to the above figures of £25 per pair and times this by 365… it comes in at just under £10,000. Selling a pair EVERY day for 365 days per is also very unlikely even more so as a brand new seller. Once established you will find you may have a greater demand from building up a customer base and have a queue or wait for your panties. But it is very unlikely this demand will be there immediately which gurantees you are able to sell a pair of panties every day of the year.

You may however sell other items, such as used socks, shoes and clothing alongside your panties. In addition to photos of you wearing your panties and video clips which will help you generate a greater income.

So how can you make an income from selling used panties and actually get sales?

You absolutely have to put REAL EFFORT into selling your used panties. It is not easy money and you can’t expect to get sales if you put no effort in.

  1. Firstly you need to take photos of your panties and you wearing the panties to get buyers interested. Taking photos and editing / uploading these takes time.

  2. You need to write and post your advertisements, again something that is more time consuming that you are led to believe.

  3. And to post advertisement you are likely to need to join fetish communities/ find fetish communities on social media (such as Twitter etc) and again setting up your profile takes time.

  4. You then have to answer emails, questions from potential buyers and sort through enquiries from genuine buyers and timewasters. As a new pantyseller there are A LOT of timewasters looking to prey on inexperience and get things for free. Once you get more experienced you do get a feel for this and find you are able dedicate your time to genuine customers and enquiries.

  5. All of the activities above go before the actual preparing and wearing of the panties and packaging them up discretely. Used panty customers are not going to buy again if you do not give them what they are looking for. It is imperative to send out wat you have agreed to when you have agreed to.

  6. Being able to dedicate the time to doing all of the above tasks will generate an income from selling used panties, but you do have to put the time and effort in to do so.

I hope that for those looking to sell their used underwear online my experience is helpful. But also for used panty buyers this gives an insight into what really goes into a pair of used panties (from a genuine seller) . I will be posting more of my tips and advice soon.

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