Using Paypal to sell used panties and other payment methods

Plain and simply using Paypal to receive payment for used panties or custom videos is a massive no. To anyone starting out selling their used panties I would say this is one of best pieces of advice I can give you. DO NOT USE PAYPAL AS A METHOD OF PAYMENT. As my experience below highlights your account can be frozen, this can compromise your real life Paypal account and buyers can claim against you. There are other methods of payment you can however use when selling your used panties which do not carry this risk.

For a number of months when I started out selling my used panties, I did actually manage to receive payments via Paypal. I was selling used panties and a few custom videos taking payment via Paypal as a “gift” payment. I had seen others selling their used panties doing this. It just seemed the perfect way to remain anonymous using a fake name attached to my email yet receive actual money for selling used panties (as opposed to gift card).

Yet it is clear that using Paypal to receive payment for Adult related transactions is against the Terms and Conditions of Paypal but because I could see other pantysellers doing it, I thought it must be ok. Selling used panties is definitely against the terms and conditions of Paypal.

"We don’t permit PayPal account holders to buy or sell:

  • Sexually oriented digital goods or content delivered through a digital medium. Downloadable pictures or videos and website subscriptions are examples of digital goods.

  • Sexually oriented goods or services that involve, or appear to involve, minors.

  • Services whose purpose is to facilitate meetings for sexually oriented activities."

I thought I had it figured out. The name on my fake paypal account allowed me to remain anonymous. And as soon as the buyer paid me I transferred the money from Paypal to a debit card I had attached to my “pantyselling” account. I was thrilled with this arrangement and thought it was foolproof. For at least 2 months my method was working. However out of nowhere I received the following email from Paypal.

At first I thought this was a phishing email but after logging into my paypal account I suddenly realised my account had been “limited”. And typically the £100 payment I had just received I could not withdraw or send to another paypal account until I completed the steps to “resolve” the issue with my account.

So I thought I could easily resolve this. Wrong! The steps involved to take the limitation off the account meant I needed to provide official ID proving my name matched that on my Paypal account. So because I had chosen a fake name it did not and I could not do this. And that was the last I seen of the £100 frozen forever in my pantyselling Paypal account.

So why did this happen and how can accounts get limited?

I really do not know as this could have been for a number of reasons my account was limited but it is clear there is no way of using Paypal to sell used panties unless you don’t mind losing money .

I believe the £100 payment took me over the unverified account limit. Paypal accounts actually have a limit on the amount you can receive until you verify your account and identity meaning that if you are unverified there is only a certain amount of cash you can receive before you need to complete this task. There is no getting around this.

Also receiving a lot of or only “gift” payments raises suspicions about what you are using your account for as Paypal does not receive a fee for these transactions. Your account gets limited.

There is also the possibility that someone (a customer, potential customer or another pantyseller) has reported your account to Paypal and you then have to prove what you are using your account for. Again your account gets limited

This is why it is important to use payment processors or payment methods that allow adult transactions. Just because other pantysellers are using these methods does not mean it is ok. It can also mean that your real life accounts get frozen too so the risk is really not worth it. Not to mention losing the funds in your account when they get frozen.

For those used panty buyer out there wondering why they can’t use Paypal, reputable and clued up pantysellers know this about Paypal therefore will not use this method of payment.

So how can you get paid or pay for used panties?

Bank Transfer

In the UK buyers can pay me for used panties using bank transfer. I have written an in depth blog article about how to be totally anonymous when using this method of payment but for most buyers and sellers in the UK it is the quickest, easiest and preferred method of payment.

Amazon UK Gift Vouchers

A used panty buyer can purchase an amazon uk gift card to the value of their order and then send it to an email address direct from the Amazon website to the pantyseller. No names are needed just an email address to send to. It is not actual cash but since Amazon sells pretty much everything, payment in vouchers in very convenient. This is also a great way as a UK seller to receive payment for international orders.


Available worldwide and working in US currency this is the payment processor . Payoneer is a pre-paid MasterCard used by partner companies to pay salaries and to pay for services. The card can be used at any ATM to withdraw funds and can also be used to purchase goods where MasterCard is accepted. Pantybuyers can load money directly from their debit card onto a pantysellers Payoneer card by just using an email address. The pantyseller does not receive personal information about the seller just a display name and email address. This is one of the more less known ways to pay for used panties and something I tend to only offer for customers outside of the UK.

So as you can see it is very clear why using Paypal is not worth the risk especially with other methods of receiving payment for selling used panties are so easily available.

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