£10 used panties posted out almost instantly

Do you want to buy used panties from an established pantyseller but don’t want to have to wait a long time for your order? I now have the solution. I am offering something called “Express Panties”.

You can buy used panties from me and typically receive them within 4 days from ordering and only pay £10 for your order.

Tell me more about “Express Panties”. What do I get for £10

Express panties are panties worn for 3 HOURS ONLY. This price includes 4 photos of me wearing and UK delivery is included in my price. Unlike my standard prices this does not include masturbated in or worked out in. The price to post outside of the UK is £15.

Can I add extras?

You can add some extras onto your express order which are £5. This includes masturbated in (once), gym wear, ass scented, ass stained, pee dripped and pee stained. I will not be offering gift wrapping and notes for this service.

So how will this work?

For 3 hour worn panties, these orders will be posted on a Tuesday, Thursday and Friday (providing I am not on holiday). Meaning that it you order before the posting date I typically can post out to you on my next or following posting date. Which in theory should mean you receive your order within 4 days of placing your order.

I intend on fitting in this service around my current orders.

If I do have a longer wear order this may mean I will have to wear the express panties on the next posting day but I would advise that you get in contact with me to confirm if you have a specific date in mind.

So why are you offering this?

There are two reasons I am offering this service. Firstly I get quite a lot of enquiries from panty buyers who just want used panties worn for a couple of hours rather than my standard 24 hour wear. So this just gives the option for shorter wear to those buyers in the same way I cater for those who want longer than 24 hours wear.

Secondly as an established pantyseller I do have an established customer base meaning my diary is usually quite full. As a result on average I have around a 7 day wait from ordering to wearing an order. By offering 3 hour worn panties this just allows me to fit in shorter wear around my existing orders meaning that these customers do not have to wait a long time for their panties. I know my queue times in the past have put off a number of buyers so this just gives an option for those desperate to receive a pair of used panties.

Can I choose any pair of panties off your site for this?

At present I will just be offering express panties in a small selection of styles and colours whilst I trial this new service. I have added a variety of panties and thongs into the express section to appeal to all tastes.

You can see my express section here

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