Buying Used Panties.. the real Miss Smith and more about me

My used panty store and home page are the most popular pages on my website. However the “About Me” page on my website is the third most visited page on my website. In fact what surprised me is that it receives four times the hits than my FAQ page (which is also very popular).

This information tied in with feedback I have from current customers is that when buying used panties from a pantyseller, buyers like to know about who they are buying from.

A massive concern especially from buyers new to used panty buying or even those that have not purchased from me is if “I’m a real person?” . For many of my buyers having a connection or knowing about me and my personality is a massive part of the used panty buying experience.

So inspired by my feedback I have decided to write a few “Getting to know Miss Smith x x x” blogs in which I answer a series of questions 10 . Not just about used panties; about my likes and dislikes to give you an idea a little bit more about who you are buying from.

1.Do you have any pets?

Sadly I no longer have any pets. I did have a ginger cat called Benjy who died last year. I am looking to get another cat, probably a kitten but I’m not sure I can cope with a kitten trashing my house as I am very house proud and like my leather sofas!

2. What do you do in your spare time?

I’m a devoted gym goer and runner. I’m currently training for a number of half marathons and 10ks over the summer and hopefully looking to do a marathon in 2019 (in under 3 hours 45). Not only do I keep active I love to cook and although I don’t get the time these days I was once quite the accomplished cake maker!

3.What is your favourite food?

I have such a sweet tooth and I love cheesecake. My absolute favourite is homemade Daim bar and Toblerone cheese cake

4.What is your favourite drink?

I love gin. I don’t think I have tried many gins I do not like. Being a pantyseller and receiving amazon vouchers for my used panties has meant that I get to try out many of the gins that amazon stock.

5.Do you have any siblings?

I’m actually the youngest of three. And I’m the typical youngest sibling.. I get away with murder !

6.What is your favourite song?

I have many and I have a very strange taste in music. However if I just have to pick one it has to be Mr Brightside from The Killers.

7.Summer or Winter?

I cant believe this is actually a question. Always summer! I detest cold weather and pretty much most things about winter (aside from Christmas). Dark mornings and dark evenings are the worst. I’m a much nicer and happier person in the summer and never ever complain I am too hot but always am complaining that I am cold

8.Morning or Night?

I’m definitely an early riser rather than a night owl. I struggle staying up late and most nights will be asleep by 10.30pm. I workout early morning and my brain works much better on a morning than late at night!

9.Do you have any fears or phobias?

I have a really strange phobia of lift shafts. I can ride a lift no problem but the thought of the door opening and seeing inside the lift shaft really scares me so I always stand back when near a lift. I’m also not scared of heights but I don’t like walking up metal stairs where I can see underneath myself. I can stand at the top of high buildings or be on a ski lift I just don’t like “gappy stairs” as I call them.

10. What are your favourite panties to wear?

With selling my used panties I get to wear a lot of panties and this is my favourite thing about being a pantyseller. However if I was to wear a pair for myself it would more than likely be a thong in either black or dark red.

Look out over the coming weeks for more about me....

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