Buying Nylon Used Panties and Underwear- Smelly worn panties

A request I commonly get asked for as a pantyseller is “dirty smelly used panties” and by wearing nylon sheer / mesh panties I can always achieve this.

The scent from a nylon pair of panties is SO much stronger than a cotton pair of used panties or thong even after 24 hours. Multiple days wear can give a very strong scented pair of panties. If you want “smelly panties” plain and simply choose a nylon pair.

The designs of nylon panties are always a little but more special and “exotic” looking so not only do you get a scented pair of panties you will get a pretty pair too.


Unlike cotton underwear, nylon underwear is not breathable as it is a synthetic material. As a result the overall scent of these types of used panties and thongs is totally different to a pair of cotton used panties.

The scent of nylon, sheer/ mesh types of used panties is A LOT stronger. Even after 24 hours I notice quite an aroma to these types of panties. The material is a lot less breathable therefore I find I sweat in my intimate areas a lot more.

The sweat is not disgustingly unpleasant but it is certainly a moister, muskier smell than with a cotton pair of used panties. Wearing for more than 24 hours the smell is so much stronger again. This is why those who ask for “smelly dirty used panties” I always advise going for a nylon pair. My natural aroma is multiplied and the smell with multiple days wear can be over powering.

Even though the panties are pretty much all nylon, most pairs come with a reinforced cotton gusset still. This is a double layer of material right under my pussy. This means that because this cotton gusset is so absorbent it soaks up all of my scent.


As I mentioned above, twice, the reinforced cotton gusset and crotch in most pairs of nylon panties means that it not only soaks up my scent but is perfect for staining. My natural fluids from my pussy are attracted and soaked into this section of the underwear meaning this show up stains perfectly. With darker coloured pairs of panties the appearance of stains show up very white. Whereas with lighter ones the colour is a more creamy yellow colour and more true to my natural colour of my fluids.

I do always advise on my site if the panties do not have a reinforced gusset. On a very small number of pairs of panties I have owned in mesh they have had not had this which has meant it is difficult to see any staining.


Nylon panties are not hard to come by but they are certainly less prevalent to buy new than cotton and lace so I do have less choice of colours and styles available in used panties in this material.

Like other materials they can be very seasonal, therefore in the summer I can get hold of a lot of bright coloured nylon pairs and patterns, whereas autumn winter time darker deeper colours.

I do find that nylon panties are usually that bit more special and exotic looking

I hope that my four in depth blog guides have been helpful in choosing used panties both for new used panty buyers and more experienced buyers.

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