Buying Lace Used Panties and Underwear- Why lace will make your heart race

Many of my used panty lovers have mentioned they stay away from lace used panties because the material can be a little rough if using to masturbate with. However because I am so fussy I will only wear silky soft lace meaning my lace panties are just as soft if not softer than my cotton pairs. The cotton crotch of all my lace panties soaks up every stain and scent. And as lace used panties are made from a synthetic material the overall scent of the panties is a little stronger and sharper than a cotton pair even after 24 hours. You can also get lace panties and thong in pretty much every colour and pattern imaginable therefore the choice of lace used panties available to you as a used panty buyer is massive.


Unlike full cotton panties, lace overall is a little bit less breathable being a synthetic material. As a result this means the overall scent of the panties and my pussy will be a little stronger than a cotton pair as I will naturally sweat a little bit more. It is not massively noticeable and strong after 24 hours but certainly more noticeable on longer wear lace panties. Although this “sweat” is not a typical sweaty unpleasant scent it is just a little sweeter and sharper with a moist type scent (If you have smelt my panties you can certainly recognise the smell). But with lace because of the design and holes in the fabric design you do get a little more airflow into the area (especially if wearing a skirt) so you do not sweat excessively. This scent from lace is not quite so strong as a mesh or nylon pair of panties which are less breathable and create a much stronger scent even after 24 hours wear.

The majority of lace panties as I mentioned above come with a cotton crotch and reinforced gusset. This is a double layer of material right under my pussy. This means that because this cotton gusset is so absorbent it soaks up all of my scent and gives a very natural scent because it is breathable in this section.

If you are opting for a number of days wear in a lace pair of panties or thong this means the overall scent in the crotch would be stronger and more apparent than if I was wearing a natural fabric like cotton. But not so over powering that after 2-3 days wear you would consider these to be “smelly” panties. The scent achieved is just quite a bit sharper than my natural scent.


As I mentioned above, twice, the reinforced cotton gusset and crotch in lace panties means that it not only soaks up my scent but is perfect for staining. My natural fluids from my pussy are attracted and soaked into this section of the underwear meaning cotton panties show up stains perfectly. With darker coloured pairs of panties the appearance of stains show up very white. Whereas with lighter ones the colour is a more creamy yellow colour and more true to my natural colour of my fluids.

A number of panty lovers and those with a panty fetish have told me that they tend to stay away from lace used panties because the material can often be a little rough and if they use them to rub on themselves it can feel less silky than cotton or satin.

I am incredibly fussy when it comes to underwear and material touching my skin. Therefore I only buy soft lace or silky lace as I call it. I can stand rough lace and because I have washed all of my used panties a number of times before wearing the lace softens even more. So my lace panties are soft and still feel great against my skin any pussy.


Lace panties are probably the second most readily available material to buy women’s underwear in after cotton. It is very easy to get lace thongs and knickers.

Because of this I can offer a massive variety of styles and colours of lace panties. You can see from my panty store this is the case.

I think when it comes to lace the colours can be very seasonal however. So currently I can get a lot of pastels and brighter colours of panties in lace in ladies clothes stores with it being Spring. Autumn winter time it is harder to get these colours but there will be a lot of deeper colours of red, gold and purple.

Lace panties are also reasonable price wise to buy new so as a result I do not have to charge higher prices for my used lace panties. Although with some of my more luxurious pairs of panties in lace they have cost considerably more hence why these are in my premium section.

I hope my lace instalment in my buying used panty guide has been helpful, especially to those new used underwear buyers. I will be giving a full explanation of sheer and nylon used panties and have already written posts on cotton and satin used panties.

Even more exciting I am offering a special offer on all lace used panties and thongs in my panty store until 9th April 2018.

If you use the code LACE5 at the checkout or if you contact me via email at you would receive £5 off all lace panties and orders. This means 24 hour worn lace panties and thongs are only £15 worn for 24 hours. You can add on extras and additional days wear onto this too. However you must pay for your orders on or before 9th April 2018 to qualify for this price. Check out my store page to see what I have on offer.

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