Why Twitter is the best social media platform for selling used panties

I’ve been selling my used panties for over five years now. And during my time as a pantyseller without a doubt Twitter is the best platform for selling used panties. Most importantly it is FREE! Twitter is so mainstream you will find a massive audience of buyers of used panties. The majority of used panty sellers have a Twitter account so you can engage in this community and benefit from your content being retweeted by promoter accounts. You also so not have to worry about your profile being removed unlike other social media sites which are very restrictive in their “rules”.

Content is not restricted

You do need to ensure that you mark your content as sensitive and aimed at an 18+ audience. However once you have done this it is very unlikely that your content on Twitter will get removed and your profile restricted or removed (well within reason).

Facebook and Instagram are VERY restrictive about what can be posted. Showing too much bum cheek on Facebook will end in your profile being removed and Instagram are even less tolerant. A panty shot that is too close up or where the teeniest bit of bare boob gets flashed will without have your profile removed.

Promoters and retweets

On Twitter when you post content and tweet by using the @ function you can tag people in your tweet. By tagging Promoters (which are specific accounts set up to promote and retweet content from other accounts) they will retweet your tweet to their follows, who may also do the same. Meaning the audience your tweet can reach is massive. There are specific used panty promoters or booty promoters some with over 100K followers.

Using specific #hashtags will also help your content travel to a wider audience than just your own followers. Other people can search specific #hashtags which will take them to your content.


Twitter is massive and mainstream. Therefore the audience your content can reach is huge. There are so many panty buyers who use Twitter to find used panty sellers and to buy their used panties. By posting what used panties you have to sell, and simply engaging with people and showing your personality will encourage people to buy from you. Initially it may seem like a lot of hard work and you will find you get a number of timewasters. However once you establish yourself of Twitter buyers will have confidence that you are genuine and you will see your sales start coming in.

Other Pantysellers

You can follow other pantysellers on twitter which is a great way to find other promoter sites and actually chat with your fellow sellers. Initially when I started out I used to think of these as “competition” but by following other sellers and engaging with them will help you to find a wider audience of panty buyers and understand what types of tweets work when posting content.

It’s Free!

Twitter is so mainstream not just aimed at those with a panty fetish. So unlike the social media sites aimed at just selling panties you will find that you have to do some work to find the panty lover audience. But unlike these networks which charge a monthly fee or Twitter is free to set up. Meaning you are not charged to set up your profile, promote yourself and all of the profit you make from selling your used panties is ALL yours. As mentioned above finding used panty buyers and promoters is very easy using hashtags.

I love using Twitter not only to sell my used panties but to engage and chat with my buyers, admirers and other panty sellers. To follow me you can find my profile here or follow me @misssmithxxx

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