How do I package your used panties and worn knickers?

Being discrete is an essential part of my used panty service. This is why I always send all of my used panties and worn items, knickers, smelly socks in plain padded envelopes. Quite simply this is a plain thick white or brown padded envelope with a printed address label. There is nothing else on the envelope. My return address is simply a building number and postcode and there is no “branding” so to speak. In fact as you can see from the attached photo there packaging is simple, plain yet so functional.

I know being discrete is one of the most important parts of selling used panties and a panty fetish

Buying (and selling) used panties and worn underwear is something which is thought to be quite taboo by some. I know my buyers do not want the world to know what they are buying or for their postman to see any reference to underwear on the label or packaging. This is why I put not branding on the outer or inner of my packaging. From looking at my parcel it looks like a standard plain envelope with the most plain black font address label. You would never guess it holds something so exciting inside.

What about the inside of my envelope?

Inside the envelope of course you will find your used panties. These are sealed inside a Ziploc bag. The envelope is padded and thick so you are unable to see or feel what is inside. However inside the envelope I fold a piece of plain white A4 paper over to further distort the feel of the envelope. This also means if you hold the padded envelope up to the light you can not see through the envelope at all. Even with the brightest neon pink knickers it totally distorts which is inside the envelope and you can simply see white.

There is no reference to your name, your email address or my email address inside the envelope either. You really do just receive a pair of worn panties.

If you are asked at the post office what do you tell them you are sending?

Generally I do not get asked by the post office I use however if I do I say a tie. Saying clothing is very generic and as you can see from the packaging it is a very small piece of clothing. As most of the names on my envelopes are male or use Mr, a tie raises no suspicion as this is a similar size and something that pretty much all men own one of at least.

I hope even for the most nervous of buyers or first time panty buyers this is helpful and puts your mind at rest so you can enjoy your used panty fetish to the maximum.

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