Crazy for cotton used panties? £5 off special offer

It’s been a while since I offered a special deal on my used panties so I thought the time has come to offer my panty lovers something really special.

And for the next four weeks I will be offering a £5 discount on all of my cotton pairs of worn underwear. That includes full knickers, thongs and G strings. Providing they are cotton then instead of £20 for 24 hour worn you only have to pay £15. If you would like me to wear longer than 24 hours I can do for an additional £10 per 24 hours.

This really is a special treat for all you cotton used panty lovers! I have over 50 pairs of cotton knickers, thongs and g strings on my site in a variety of colours and patterns so there really is something for every taste. Cotton is great for absorbing my scent and giving a very natural body scent.

This offer will run from 16th February to 16th March. Therefore you must have paid for your order on or before 16th March for this offer to apply.

All orders will include 4 photos of me wearing your items and free UK delivery (please add £5 for outside of the UK)

You can either use the code COTTON5 when you email me with the pair you would like to order or use the code COTTON5 on my website if you would prefer to place your order that way .

Do not miss out.

I'm always updating my website with new pairs of used panties. Especially cotton ones! I tend to update my website at least twice per month. Keep checking my store to see the new pairs I have added especially if you are looking for something in particular. Or if there if a specific pair you have in mind check out my blog on "custom orders".

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