Paying for Used Panties Discretely or Anonymously

I’ve been selling used panties for over five years now and although my customers vary greatly in both their requests, preferences and general personalities there is always something that is very important to all of them.


Which is why the whole aspect of my used panty service is totally discrete starting from paying for them. From the onset of starting up as a pantyseller I realised how important it was to you guys that you could pay me discretely with a number of options. This is why I have three options of payment which is bank transfer cash deposit or amazon uk gift cards and with all of these options there is no mention of used panties/ underwear or even what your payment is for.

So is paying for your used panties totally discrete?

I understand that many of my customers may be in a relationship and worried about what appears on their bank statement in case a partner sees it and questions it. Or a customer may not want me to see their full name which appears on their bank account or even just not want the transaction to be seen on their statement or could be traced back to it being a used panty purchase.

If using amazon uk vouchers this will simply show as or your bank statement and if paying me with bank transfer this will show as L Smith on your statement. Not misssmithxxx simply L Smith. And how many L Smith’s are there in the world? A lot believe me!

Even if this is not discrete enough and you are concerned that transactions to L Smith or making an amazon uk payment may be questioned or even if you do not want me to see your name I have another option which over comes all of these concerns and means you can still pay for your used panty order.

So can I pay for used panties without it every appearing on my bank statement?

You absolutely can!! Paying by cash deposit at a branch of Lloyds bank means the transaction will not show on your bank statement and you do not even need to use your own name to pay cash into my bank account. You can simply go to the cash machine (or use cash you already have in your pocket) and pay it into my bank account. The only requirement is you have to do this at a Lloyds branch as my account is with Lloyds. You don’t even have to go to the counter at the Lloyds bank branch you can use the automated paying in machines to deposit your cash.

To pay this way you simply fill in a paying in slip, along with the cash you are paying in to my account and ensure you put on your order reference number which you will get when you make an order on my site or via email so I know the cash is coming from you ( i.e #10001) . By using the reference number on your purchase email i.e I can identify you without your name, or you can use your name too.

It really is that easy and simple but I know for many new panty buyers this is a very daunting prospect. The worry of discretion or being found out what they are buying puts them off making an order. Be assured all you need to worry about it what pair of panties you buy, as the choice is massive!

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