Stocking up on Socks!

January is that time of year when the majority of people commit to getting fitter; although all of my regular followers will know that this is something that I have been working on for the last 18 months. I’m a self-proclaimed fitness addict and if you look back over my photos from the last 5 years you can certainly see the difference in how toned I have become.

Being in the gym 4 days a week and running 3 days a week (don’t worry guys I double up some days so 2 days a week I rest!) means that I have a lot of sweaty gym clothes and in particular sweaty socks!! Especially after my 10 mile long run I am always particularly moist from head to toe! Because of my many workout sessions I probably wash at least 7 pairs of gym socks alone. And because I’m due new trainers pretty soon, my feet are very very well scented considering its cold outside. My feet are smelling more like they do over the warmer summer months.

My prices on my site include my smelly socks worn for 24 hours. But if you are a fan of very very smelly feet then you can request longer wear for +£10 per day. Up to a maximum of 5 days wear. That would really be one smelly pair of socks!!

Not only can you get your hands on my panties, you can buy my well worn socks too … and also my gym gear.

Check out my clothing section for what gym wear I have available and my footwear and socks section to get yours.

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