5 Years of Miss Smith's panties

On the 8th January it marked the start of many resolutions and new routines as it was the first full week back at work for many people. However for me 8th January marks another very special milestone. This is my pantyselling anniversary and I am completely shocked to find out this is a very special anniversary as it's 5 YEARS since I started selling my worn underwear.

Firstly I absolutely can not believe the time has flown by so quickly. I genuinely have enjoyed the experience more and more as the time has gone on. When I started out as a broke student studying for a PGCE (which I was hating) pantyselling was more about making some cash albeit I did get off on the idea of men enjoying my underwear. However as the time went on I realised it was not about the money for me, I enjoyed the thrill of others enjoying my underwear. And the confidence pantyselling has given me to do things a little different, understand more kinks and fetishes, have more self belief and I believe this encouraged me to get out of the teaching path I was heading down but knew it was not for me.

Secondly I can't believe how far I have come with what I offer in terms of used panties. The sites I set up on were very basic, I think I even posted on the likes of Gumtree/ ad post in the early days. I am now one of the UK's most established pantysellers and I pride myself knowing that my service and panties are some of the best around. Although it's still a competitive market I work with other Pantsellers through PantyTrust and the support and community only makes what I offer better and I can give something back to those just starting out on their pantyselling journey.

But it does raise the question.. Just how many pairs of panties have I sold? It's a question that I don't think I can even answer but at a guess, I probably for the last 2 years have been wearing an order for a customer 80% of times during the month; the previous two years probably 50% and the first year as I was starting out may be 25% of the time. So working on these figures I'm guessing in excess of 1100 pairs of panties in 5 years! That is one huge panty collection!!

To mark this very special occasion I thought it would only be fair to give something back to all of you who have supported me over these last five years. Without my lovely customers, the amazing feedback and sometimes just the kind words and humorous emails I would not be still selling or be able to justify my panty addiction and lingerie shopping sprees.

So I am offering everyone who has subscribed to my site by 13th Jan £8 off any physical goods order you place (excluding clearance items). All of my subscribers on 13th Jan will receive an email with an exclusive discount code which will run from 13th- 25th Jan.

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