Happy New Year!

My first blog post of 2018 is a belated happy new year message to all of my Misssmithxxx fans. Both old and new I am thrilled for you to be reading.

2017 was a very enjoyable year and from October I could not have expected the demand for my panties which I received. You guys went crazy for my panties and although my panty queue was at least a week from ordering I received so many happy customers and emails which makes doing this so worthwhile and such a thrill.

Following on from 2017 I hope that 2018 brings the same excitement and pleasure for you all for my panties. And although you may have to wait a little longer for my panties than other pantysellers I can guarantee the overall product and service you will receive will be one of the best.

2018 will also bring LOTS of new panties to my site; I am already stocking up on new pairs which will be added in the next few weeks. I've listened to feedback and existing customers likes and bought some pairs based on this. I've also bought a lot of pairs which I just could not resist and found just so pretty.

So no real cliche resolutions from me; I already eat clean and maintained a 5 day a week gym / exercise routine in 2017 so 2018 is all about carrying on with this type of thing but just having a lot more fun.

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