Sexty texty is back!

I’ve had quite a few enquiries for phone chats and texting over the summer that I have had to decline because of my work schedule. In my “normal” job I usually only spend 2 days a week in the office as a maximum meaning I work from home a lot and can offer naughty phone calls and chats during the day. However since the end of August I have been office based A LOT more and sent travelling around the UK meaning I have only had limited times I can offer phone calls and texting.

I hate turning down the opportunity to send naughty texts or have filthy phone calls.. however the great news is I AM BACK offering phone chats and texting more frequently during the week. From w/c 6th Nov I will be available most days Monday- Friday!!!

Do you want to wake up to naughty messages, brighten up your commute with a filthy photo or get a cheeky video clip sent to you whilst at your desk. Or would you prefer a kinky phone chat or voicemail left for you? I can do this. I offer text, photo messages and video clips via a variety of messaging services including SMS, Whatsapp, Kik and Skype IM messenger.

For this service I offer two options, a daily rate where I text around my daily activities sending naughty snaps, cheeky messages and replying when I can. Or for a slightly higher rate you can get my full attention for a set amount of time where I reply to your messages instantly. I offer all of these services for longer periods of time which includes a discounted rate. So the longer you play, the less you pay.

I can also offer phone chat where we can have a conversation (as naughty as you like) over the telephone. Or I can leave you a naughty voicemail.

If you would like to book me for any of these services please email me

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