Video Clips for Sale.. at Clips4sale and iwantclips

Over the last 5 years I have shot a variety of videos ranging from more vanilla masturbation videos to catering for a variety of fetishes. In honesty I love to shoot them all, the variety and creativity needed to come up with new video ideas is something that really does it for me.

In 2017 I have really focused on shooting videos for my clip stores, in particular my Clips4Sale page which gets a massive amount of hits and sales daily. Foot fetish, pee and burping and some of the most popular video categories. By shooting for my clip stores has allowed me to become more creative with my video shooting, video ideas and editing but in the last year I feel I have learned a lot about so many different fetishes. That is what I love about what I do, I have learned so much about kinks and fetishes and I can’t believe that back in 2013 when I started out pantyselling I thought I was “very experienced and broadminded” when it came to anything sexual or fetish related. I literally knew nothing compared with what I do now and I imagine if 2 years in the future I have the same reflection I probably will say the same about my current self!

Because my Clips4sale page has been so popular I have neglected my iwantclips page and as a result I have not regularly added or kept it updated.. until now. I will now be adding my Clips4sale clips to my iwantclips page, however I will be shooting clips EXCLUSIVELY for each page

If you don’t want to use these sites to purchase my pre- made clips you can email me for a direct pricelist for pre made videos. The benefit of buying direct from me is than with clip stores, they charge a commission for hosting these videos which adds to the price, whereas buying direct I can be more competitive with the prices. Because I am not having to pay a third party a commission.

If you have any ideas of videos you would like to see on my clips stores then please get in touch , I can’t promise that I will shoot these but I do like hearing feedback about the types of videos you guys like me to add to my clip stores.

You can view my Clips4sale page here

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