Weekend retreats, and lazy days!

I think I have been and will always be one of those people that does not and can’t stay still or do nothing for too long. I find myself up at 5.30am/6am most days at the gym. My days pass by in a blur as I go from one activity to the next; gym, work, cam shows, pantyselling and then doing general admin. On a week day I get up at 5.30am, probably eat two meals on the go and my “rest” time is usually the 30 minutes wind down time before bed . I always say I am not well suited at doing nothing and I think to some extent this will always be the case

However from experience and a situation close to me at work recently has shown this really is not a great way to live and 7 days per week it is impossible to live like this , constantly checking emails and feeling the need to do something. Eventually you will burn out and actually become less productive.

So I am enforcing “down time” on myself. I always pride myself on replies to emails VERY promptly; most people know that I reply within 4 hours to emails, and this will still be the case most of the time.

However during a weekend from 9pm on a Friday to 9pm on a Sunday I will be checking emails less frequently to give my brain a break. I will put my out of office on if I am taking a weekend off, but you may find if you email me on a weekend you may have to wait up to 24 hours for a response as I will not be checking my emails throughout the day like I usually do. I’m not forgetting about my panty lovers so try not to worry if you do not get an instant response. But to ensure I’m rested and mentally in the best place to give you the best possible service and ensure I feel enthusiastic and positive rather than drained and tired.

A happy pantyseller = lots of wet pairs of panties for panty lovers.

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