I have hinted and promised for a while now but the good news is that my site has been restocked with lots of new used panties for my panty lovers to order and get their hands on.

This is not a small restock either. At the time of updating my site I added 50 new pairs of panties for you to purchase. I listened to your feedback and have made a massive restock of satin pairs (15 pairs of satin full knickers and 14 satin thongs) and also cotton pairs which have always proven to be popular choices.

Like in the past, I expect these pairs to sell out quickly, therefore if there is a pair of panties you like then please order when they are showing as available on my site. I often get disappointed customers emailing to ask why the pair they wanted is no longer listed on my site. Most of my panties listed are one offs so if the pair you like is no longer there when you check back a few days later, it means that another customer has bought them.

The restock also means that for each of the new pairs added you can customise your order automatically on my site rather than having to add on the extras manually by email. This means the order total on all of the new pairs will reflect exactly what you have ordered. Please note however than pairs of panties listed from before September 2017 do not have this option yet and if so please drop me an email to confirm the price of these panties with extras.

Happy shopping panty lovers, I certainly can’t wait to wear all of these new pairs.

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