Thank you for the feedback!

It is really important to me that I offer the best service I can to my existing customers and new panty buyers which is why I decided to create a survey and select new and existing customers to take part. Positive and negative feedback was essential to ensure I know what you guys like and what you don’t like or what you feel I can improve on to make sure you get the best possible panty buying experience.

I’ve conducted one of these surveys before maybe 3 years ago when I updated my old website but since the website redesign, although I have received a lot of positive feedback I wanted to make sure my whole service was hitting the spot satisfaction wise and I hadn’t become complacent in my panty selling ways.

I am firstly overwhelmed by the offers of help and requests that I received to take part. You guys were all so helpful and keen and I can only thank everyone said they would take part. For all of you that responded and were not chosen from my random generator- thank you . To those that were chosen thank you for giving me such detailed and honest feedback it has been so helpful.

It has given me some great ideas for how to improve the technical side of the site and buying process to make it easier for my panty buyers to get what I want. But the even better news for panty buyers is I have a better understanding of the most popular panties, the best type of special offers and deals and these will be coming very soon. Although I’m not giving too much away on the deals and offers.

What can I tell you, from the feedback?

There will be a BIG restock of panties coming VERY soon. I am uploading as we speak. Cotton and satin panties in particular are big hits and there are A LOT of cotton and satin in what is being added.

There will be a special offer for October which was the overwhelming most popular offer that you guys said you like.

And the biggest news there will be panty buying packages coming soon, meaning you can benefit from bigger discounts by subscribing to an offer.

Watch out for the changes or subscribe to my site to get the offer news first.

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