New Panties… And Added Extras

Since updating my site in November 2016 with a totally new look and online store the feedback has been excellent. Not only has it made managing orders easier for me but buyers have very easily been able to place their order and pay in one step which most of my regulars feel this is so much easier to do

However one of the main downsides to my site ordering process previously was that you could not add extras to your order automatically and these had to be manually added and calculated either by the buyer or by myself (which often meant I had to contact buyers about sending further payment over or you guys had to email me and then wait to hear back from me about how much the order total would come to.

That was until now!


My site now allows you to customise your order and all extras will be added and calculated and included in the checkout total. Now when you go onto each product page and add your panties to the basket you can click each of the extras you would like. So extra days wear, masturbation etc. Immediately you know how much your order is going to cost you and how much to pay me when you go to the payment stage.

Do not worry if you just want standard 24 hour worn panties. You simply select all of the standard free of charge options and will be shown the usual £20 standard price when you reach the checkout.

Because of the new custom variables it does however mean that it may take me a little longer to update with new stock and provide updates so I would advice to check back every few days as I will be constantly adding to the site.

I do have a lot of existing pairs on the website and because of the process of adding new stock and the admin side of including the customisation option on each webpage it will mean pairs on my site from before 25th September there will not be the customisation option and we will have to use the old process of manually adding extras until these are updated (I expect this to take 6-8 weeks).

Product codes will now also be shown in the product title so if you do want order via email please use the code and title when you order.

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