Scent – how strong is it?

One of the main questions that I am asked about used panty orders is “how scented will they be?”. And unfortunately it is one of those questions that it is really difficult to answer. In fact the way I compare it is like asking about the UK weather .. very difficult to predict (although actually maybe not THAT unpredictable!).

So many factors come in to how scented a pair of used panties will be. For example the material, the cut , what I have been doing that day and even the weather/ temperature.

As a background, I don’t think naturally I have a “heavy scent” or would say I have “smelly panties” from 1 days wear more of a lighter to average scent (staining is slightly different I am probably wetter than average on this)

The material of the panties makes a difference to scent because cotton holds scents well but as a more natural fabric they keep everything fresh. Therefore a nylon or synthetic material pair give a stronger scent over a 24 hour period.

Thongs have a smaller crotch area so although full knickers pick up more staining, the cut of a thong means that you get a stronger scent a little bit quicker as they as a tighter fit to the intimate areas.

Wearing for the gym and for more physically active days I get a much stronger scent to my underwear understandably than the days I rest or do little physical activity. Although I do visit the gym or run 5 day out of 7 so my panties benefit from this stronger scent more days than not.

And then summer makes a massive difference. My winter panties, I’m colder and less likely to be hot and sweating everywhere which means my June –August panties probably have a stronger scent than those in December/ January time.

So to summarise.. I can’t actually tell you how scented they will be but more advise you about the best ways to get the strongest scents if that is your thing. My main piece of advice is if you like stronger scents then it is best to go for extra days wear.

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