£5 Panties- Helpers wanted

Would you like a pair of my usually priced £20 panties for £5? I am offering 10 lucky people the option of paying only £5 for a pair of 24 hour worn panties. This price also includes delivery, and 4 photos of me wearing.

What is the catch I hear you cry… well actually there is a small one. I need you to complete a quick 10-15 minute survey. There will be the option for 2 new panty buyers who have not purchased from me before (or have not purchased from me since Jan 201) to take part however the other 8 participants must all have purchased from me since Jan 2017

This will be totally anonymous and once you have completed the survey you will be given a code which if you contact me I can offer you a pair of panties for £5.(*£8 for outside of UK)

It is really important to me that I offer the best service I can to my existing customers and new panty buyers so I want to hear what you think about the service I offer, how I could make improvements and really understand your panty buying needs. This is why I am giving you the chance to share this information with me, and be rewarded in the process. The questionnaire will be by no means difficult or time consuming to complete. It will be mainly made up from tick box questions with some open ended questions for those of you who want to explain your answer or give feedback on a point.

I will be looking to complete the survey before the end of September therefore if you would like to take part please get in touch with me before 24th September 2017.

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