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You can sign up to my website and get exclusive emails about new offers, exclusive subscriber discounts and other important news too.

I do not send out constant spam messages and emails and I promise I won’t bombard you with lots of emails. In honesty I probably only send out an email ever 6 -8 weeks to my subscribers. These emails are only used when I have done a total site restock and I give my subscribers the first choice over new items (I usually wait 48 hours before I announce on social media or my blog that I have restocked). This means especially for you satin lover that you get first choice over new panties.

I also often offer exclusive discounts for my subscribers only. I have offered £5 off to my subscribers or £10 off larger orders meaning just by signing up you can benefit from exclusive Misssmithxxx discounts

My email subscriber list also means that YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS is hidden from everyone else on the mailing list. At no point is your email address shared with any other subscriber or any other organisation. And you can easily unsubscribe from these lists at any time with just one click of a button.

If you have not already signed up do so today.. I have a feeling there may be some subscriber discounts coming soon.

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