Summer Spoiling

I’m back from my holidays and I must say I have the post holiday blues. My holiday was fantastic and I loved relaxing in the sun but the UK weather just isn’t the same and I don’t feel like I have any big events to look forward to. Depressingly I keep seeing adverts for Christmas and then I have realised its only just over 3 months until December.

As much as I love Christmas I’m not a fan of cold weather and dark mornings and evenings.

I’m enjoying sitting out on an evening in my garden with a book and the occasional glass of wine or gin and tonic holding on to the last bits of summer.

If you fancy putting a smile on my dial and help me over these post holiday blues I do have a wishlist on Delivery code and amazon. Candles, books and gin are always a firm favourite!

You can find my wishlists here

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