Shopping Trip coming soon

You guys have loved my July and August special offer of 2 pairs for £30 but it has meant the contents of my panty drawers have taken a big hit! I looked in there just before I was due to go on holiday and realised that I had hardly any pairs left. Thongs, full knickers and Brazilians you guys have cleared me all out!!

And all of my new satin pairs that I only just bought mid July have all gone. You panty lovers really can’t get enough of the sexy satin pairs!

I’m planning on going shopping for new sexy panties towards the end of August, a big panty spree as I like to call it which will mean a massive new variety and choice of panties. I can promise I will stock up on lots of satin pairs as these are without doubt a firm favourite, however I will get a variety of styles and colours. At this time of year, autumn winter collections are in the shops which means the choice of colours are usually darker and less summery and bright than which you have seen over the spring / summer months.

From the start of September my new pairs will feature on the site. Keep a look out for them or sign up to my site to receive an email notification when my panty store is updated and get first choice on all of the sexy new pairs.

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