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Those of you who have had the pleasure of serving me or asks to be “abused” by me will know I have a clear favourite task to whittle down those of you who can really take pain and push themselves.. THE STAR JUMP TEST.

This is not just a fitness test where I see how many star jumps you can do (although fitness does help) I ask that the challenger ties a shoe lace around their balls which is attached to a shoe and then jumps. That’s right over and over so the shoe swings and smacks you in the balls.

Why is this one of my favourite tasks? Honestly? It’s because I find it hilarious and it’ totally humiliating for the challenger, not just that it inflicts pain. I always giggle having to watch this task.

Some of the biggest fails have been by those that think they are tough and grab a heavy shoe ( I even had one loser choose steel toe cap shoes which ended in 1 jump), or those that are too keen and jump too high which caused a massive swing and therefore a massive kick in the balls. It really is like I am kicking you in the balls over and over.

I have published my top 20 attempts although there have been far more challengers, there have been far too many low scores or losers who haven’t managed more than one before they are on the floor screaming in pain.

If you would like to challenge this score please get in contact to arrange a domination cam show or complete an application to serve me . Email misssmithxxx@gmail.com

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