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It’s in my nature to be dominant, in all aspects of life and work I find my personality seems to take a role where others follow my orders or take my lead. Even with friends in social circles I seem to take the role of leader (which believe me is not always a positive when you have friends that do not like to make a decision) .

When I started out in the adult industry in 2013 I was very naïve and thought just my personality alone would carry me in a dominant role, or as an online mistress. I sadly was wrong. My experience as a mistress since 2013 has developed massively working alongside experienced and established dominatrix’ for real time and online sessions and working with my own submissives.

In the past 4 years I have really explored what it means to be dominant and a mistress and feel pretty experienced in this, however this is a journey of personal development that I am still working on and enjoying.

I’m not a mistress that shouts or takes on the personality of a traditional harsh mistress which the internet seems to be full of (the look at me dressed in black, sticking my finger up and using the word loser a lot type of character) . My style is a lot more laid back, but using my mind and sharp intuition I can control and exert power. I have been told I draw in my submissives with a sense of security, listening to them and use what I have been told against them, fucking with their thoughts and getting them to do exactly as I wish.

I have worked with submissives over shorter terms, completing video tasks and also over the longer term over 6 months to a year. And with one particular submissive I have full ownership of and have done for almost 3 years. This has been a real challenge for my submissive and myself as we have achieved more than was ever set out to and really tested the limits of how much you can push a submissive.

I do love selling my underwear but domination is something that really excites me and I feel my personality is well suited to.

Please email me to discuss a submissive application. Please note due to the number of timewasters and enquiries of this sort I ask for a tribute of £25 to be sent with your application to show your commitment to this service. This ensures I can dedicate my time to my loyal submissive rather than on those who are not willing to pay for this service.

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