My mojo is back… with some even sexier outfits!

Every now and then I find my motivation dips and my enthusiasm for things I usually love disappears. It has happened with my job, it has happened with going out running and it has happened with the gym. However more recently it happened about going on cam.

I’m not sure what it was but the usual excitement and thrill I get going on cam had totally vanished during May. I found myself having no enthusiasm to get my sexy outfits on, turn my camera on and perform. In all honesty I found myself feeling vey anti social, feeling more desire to sit in my pjs. It really started to worry me and I found the more I forced myself to get into something sexy and go on cam, the more I hated it.

Some things when you find your motivation dips for a short time you can grit your teeth and just blag your way through until it is over (I find this applies especially to my job and also running) but being on cam and having all attention on you it is not the case. I’m very very aware my fans are paying for my time and as a perfectionist I want to give the best show I can, not some half effort where I’m willing it to end which is why I spend many evenings deciding not to turn my cam on.

But my rational sensible side came out, and I realised the more I forced myself to perform the worse the situation would become. My fans don’t want to see a half effort show and if I’m only going to find myself feeling more stressed and disliking what I’m doing if I force myself on cam so I took a full 2 weeks off.

In these 2 weeks I did indeed sit in my Pj’s but I gave myself some motivation to get back on cam by doing what I love best SHOPPING. I bought 3-4 new sexy outfits to wear on cam; some absolutely stunning one pieces which I knew would flatter my toned body.

The rush of excitement came back as soon as I opened the packaging when the new outfits were delivered. The outfits were stunning just laid out on my bed and when I put them on, the desire to show myself off in them came back. I felt that prickle of excitement again and I knew my mojo had returned.

So you can find me in my new outfits most of this week and next at

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