A tight feeling this summer….

The warmer temperatures have hit and they seem to be driving you panty lovers wild. Both regulars and new buyers, you all seem so horny this summer.

But it’s not just my panty buyers that are enjoying the warmer temperatures and the benefits of stronger scents, my nylon and tights lovers too are also lapping it up!

When you buy used tights and nylons from me I always wear without underwear so you can sample not only the smells of my feet but my more intimate areas too. Even after 24 hours wear because they fit so snugly they always get nice and scented. However during the summer wearing tights and nylons mean I get very hot and gives you a much stronger scented pair of tights. I do tend to go for bare legs under my work dresses if I am not wearing an order in the heat of summer but I’m still happy to wear tights and stockings on the warmer days for you nylon lovers.

Tights start from £14 worn for 24 hours and include 4 photos of me wearing. I have lots of plain black or sheer/ nude tights or if you feel like something a little different I have lots of patterned pairs.

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