Scents of summer…. Used panties

I’m often asked “what pair should I go for to get the best scent and show off your wetness” and it’s one of those questions which I find hard to give an answer because it really down to personal preference… let me explain why.

Sheer/ nylon types of material do create quite a strong scent very quickly, therefore if you are looking for a strong scent from 24 hours wear this would be my recommendation. However due to this being a man made fabric the scent can be very strong and over powering and I feel this type of material causes a more “sweaty” type scent rather than a natural sweet scent which you would get from a cotton thong or used panties.

The cut and style of the panties also makes a difference. A thong sits much closer to my pussy for all of the day, so as you would expect get more scented. In a cotton pair you do get this scent very quickly, but a nylon pair even more so but please consider what I mention above. That is not to say a pair of full knickers is a bad choice to make. The gusset and crotch of a full pair of knickers is MUCH thicker and wider than a thong so it absorbs more scent over a period of time so a great choice if you are looking at 48 hours wear or more.

And of course dark material shows up staining more than lighter pairs but white shows up EVERY mark and stain so great if you are not just interested in cum stains.

So if I had to choose and say if you want a pair that smells the closest to my actual scent.. it would certainly be a cotton thong in a darker colour t show up all staining, the nicest of the scents as cotton holds a natural scent rather than a sweaty/ unnatural scent but even after 24 hours wear they have a scent you can smell because of the cut of them .

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