NEW PANTIES--- a spree I can’t shhhh about!!

It has probably been the worst kept secret ever that I will be soon to be having a panty buying spree and updating my site with LOTS of new items. My previous blog posts have mentioned it more than a few times lately.

But it really is one of my favourite parts of being a pantyseller, I get to wear lots of different types and styles of panties, but I also get to buy lots of pairs too, pretty much guilt free!

I could do my shopping online and admittedly when Victoria Secret or Ann Summers have a sale on I do like a browse and purchase of these bargains. However nothing beats the feeling of going panty shopping in real life. I love finding myself with the choice of lots of different panties, there is a rush of excitement as I get to feel the different materials. It really is my own little panty buying fetish and I get very turned on knowing how many panty lover are going to enjoy my new goodies. I am like a child in a sweetshop and I ALWAYS over buy and have a basket full of items.

When I get to the checkout there is always a very surprised looking staff member on the till. I have stopped commenting about how many pairs I have bought although my old excuse was that I was going “travelling and didn’t want to have to do washing so I’m just going to throw away each pair as I wear them!” . I don’t think it was ever believable as I never really buy functional, travelling appropriate panties and thongs!!

The fun is not over once I have paid for my items. I still have when I get home tipping the bag out to reveal and remember the sexy pairs I have bought to look forward to.

I’m not going to lie the taking photos of each pair and inputting them on my site isn’t the most enjoyable part of the process, but knowing how many panty lovers are going to enjoy these goodies certainly makes up for this and well worth spending time on the admin side of things.

So when will ALL OF THESE NEW PANTIES BE ON MY SITE…….. New items will be available from 9th May and all pairs will be online by 25th May (as I mentioned uploading is very time consuming)… with over 50 new pairs to choose from including satin, cotton, lace, full knickers , thongs and everything in between there really is something for everyone!

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