Barmy for a bargain? New Clearance Used panty Items added.

I’m still keeping to my promise and ensuring every now and then I treat my panty lovers with a very special deal . You guys are clearing out my panty drawers so I am overdue one of my favourite pantyseller activities; shopping for new panties. I’m not sure how many times I have written about it but I love a good panty spree.

My clearance panties have proved very popular and usually sell out within days of pairs being added to this section. As a result this section is always sparse and bare, but not currently as I have added 7 pairs to this section Clearance pairs instead of being £20 per pair worn 24 hours, with 3 photos and UK delivery.. they are a bargain £14 per pair.

So what's "wrong" with the clearance pairs ?

The answer is absolutely nothing. You get the same deal included as my standard panties, the only difference is these are slightly older pairs of panties or thongs, as a result they are more well worn and have been on my site a little longer. You can be assured no part of my service is compromised and you are still getting the high quality I pride myself on.

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