Scents of Summer- New Shoes Added to my site.

Following on from last blog post with a foot fetish theme I’m excited to say I have updated my site with a number of new pairs of shoes for all you foot lovers.

I have just added nine , yes NINE new pairs of shoes to the site . This includes three pairs of high heels, two pairs of boots and four pairs of ballet pumps which are a real favourite for those with a foot fetish. Because I wear them with no shoes and the style of the shoe means my feet really do sweat in them. Which of course leads to a very smelly pair of worn shoes!

I think in addition to this my ballet pumps get very scented because I tend to wear them on days when I am on my feet a lot of active doing a lot of walking. I’m naturally someone that walks more than average. On a “rest day” or more sedentary day for me I find I still rack up 12,000 to 15,000 steps. With some days my activity tracker shows 25,000 + therefore it probably explains why my ballet pumps really do have such a strong scent and aroma to them.

All of shoes listed on my site include 5 photos of me wearing and free uk postage included in the price (add £5 for outside of the UK).

Due to the nature of shoes being something I only really offer “well worn” it takes a lot longer for them to get really trashed, scented and deemed to be sale ready. As a result I do not update my site with shoes as frequently and they do get sold very quickly. If you see a pair you like the look of please purchase from my site as I can’t guarantee or promise when new pairs will be sale ready. I will definitely have some new ballet pumps ready by July as I imagine my feet will get very sweaty over these next few months but I can’t promise any more before then.

Check out my footwear page here to see what I have available.

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